Boost your project margins with Clevor optimization.

70% of projects are late or over budget. Make sure that this never happens to you.

Our technology is easy to use, pays for itself in weeks, and is transformative to your business.

Never ever finish a project late

Every project has millions of variables, and millions of ways to execute it. Clevor finds the best execution strategy for any situation. Got an unexpected delay? No problem. Clevor does the heavy analysis to keep you ahead of schedule.

Make each project more profitable

Clevor finds all the efficiencies in your business. When Clevor makes sure you finish ahead of time, it also makes sure you finish below budget. Our customers save 15% to 25% of their labor and equipment costs every day – all by using Clevor.

Putting out fires? Never worry about that again.

Got a “what if” question? A disagreement with a business partner or contractor? Clevor gives you immediate defensible, quantified answers – to solve arguments and relieve stress for everyone on a project.

Like instant gratification? You’ll love Clevor.

Clevor has a powerful brain with an easy interface. It’s quick to set up, easy to use, and you will see results in minutes after hitting the “Optimize” button.

How it Works

Getting started is easy. The results will delight you, your team, and your customers.
Clevor has a powerful brain with a friendly interface.

Clevor is the best in artificial intelligence technology, up and running in days, and at your service, 24/7.

There are lots of moving parts in a project. When you consider all the possible combinations of tasks, milestones, precedence relationships, resource types, resource numbers, and costs involved in executing a project, there are millions of potential execution strategies. Each will get the project done, but only Clevor will find the one that will provide the best results over all the others.

Clevor finds that one-in-a-million best strategy for you. Clevor’s proprietary optimization engine uses artificial intelligence technology to find the best strategy for your project and business objective. Furthermore, we regularly update and re-optimize over the full duration of your project, adapting to changes that might come.

  • Step 1: We build a schedule modeling your business

    Duration: about 2 weeks

  • Step 2: We optimize your schedule to show you your savings

    Duration: about two weeks

  • Step 3: Install the software, training, and you're up and running!

    Duration: about 2 days

  • From start to finish: a few weeks.

    Clevor pays for itself quickly. Clevor's ROI is immediate, quantifiable, and impressive.


The results we talk about are the results our customers have experienced with Clevor.

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