Benefits to your business:
You become more profitable and competitive

  • Maximize your profits with Clevor’s technology: In the last 12 years, our customers have seen significant improvement in their resource utilization (labour, equipment, overhead) which has enabled them to save 15%-25% of these costs. This in turn has enabled them to maximize their profits – in most cases, their profits have more than doubled!
  • Better customer service: Better resource utilization reduces your projects’ duration which your customers would appreciate. When you always finish the projects early, you build a reputation that gives you a competitive advantage.
  • More sales: Better cost control gives you the flexibility to win more sales while still improving your margins.
  • Excellent visibility and real control over your projects. No matter what delays or surprises hit your project, Clevor keeps you on track – read on to find out how. This keeps your stress level down while you provide better customer service.

“Clevor enables us to manage our costs better… making us very cost competitive in the marketplace.”
Ross Fraser, Senior Vice President at Supreme Steel, Canada

Benefits to project team:
Clevor makes your life easier and makes you much more effective

  • Enables better project execution: Clevor answers two questions that project teams ask regularly: Exactly how many resources of each type I need to deploy and when; and exactly what tasks should be assigned to each resource and when. Clevor provides the best answers, which are very helpful to your team.
  • With Clevor, you become a much more effective planner and project manager. Clevor enables you to multiply the impact of your role. As project outcomes improve significantly, you and the team shine.
  • Clevor handles the curveballs. No project plan survives first contact with reality. With Clevor, you’re always on top of your project. Since Clevor provides for regular updates and re-optimizations, you know exactly what to do next week and over the duration of the project. And, you will be able to communicate and negotiate with your customers with much better data, which may be needed sometimes. This minimizes your hassles.
  • Become “the go-to person”: Clevor helps you answer “what if” type of questions more precisely and quickly. Want to know the impact of a change order on the schedule? Just tweak a few variables and re-run the optimizer, and you’ll know the answer precisely.

“[Clevor’s] optimization… was instrumental in our efforts to reduce our planned duration from 12 months to 9 months. We received excellent value when we needed it most.”
William Hughes, Senior Project Manager at Graham Construction

Easy, fast implementation

  • Clevor works seamlessly with your existing MS Project or Primavera installation. We work off of your level 5 schedules or help you build it from your estimates. If you already know MS Project or Primavera, learning to use Clevor is very easy.
  • Fast implementation. Unlike other enterprise software systems, Clevor is implemented in days.

“Clevor really shines. They really improve our productivity. We intend to use their services on all our projects!”
Mike Campbell, Project Manager at TESC, Canada

Minimize your risk

  • Our customers like our 2 phase implementation process. Phase 1 uses your own level 5 schedule or your estimate information, to tell you exactly how much money you can expect to save with Clevor, including your expected ROI. This makes it easier for you to go for phase 2. Phase 2 includes implementation and training at site, which takes just a couple of days. So, you can start benefiting from Clevor from the first day of its implementation.

How it works

  • Clevor exploits flexibility and complexity:
    • There are millions of ways to execute your project. But, which is the best one? There are lots of moving parts in a project. When you consider all the possible combinations of tasks, milestones, precedence relationships, resource types, resource numbers, and costs involved in executing a project, there are millions of potential execution strategies. Each will get the project done, but only Clevor will find the one that will provide the best results over all the others.
    • Clevor finds that one-in-a-million best strategy for you. Clevor’s proprietary optimization engine uses artificial intelligence technology to find the best strategy for your project and business objective. Furthermore, we regularly update and re-optimize over the full duration of your project, adapting to changes that might come.
  • Each execution strategy is fully executable. The execution strategy specifies exactly how many resources should be deployed and when, and exactly what tasks should be assigned to them and when, while respecting ALL the constraints.
  • It is a force multiplier for your team’s ability to define available flexibility to a profitable new level, creating great project outcomes.

Clevor is unique: a powerful brain with an easy interface

  • Clevor is uniquely powerful. Clevor is our proprietary, patent-pending optimization technology. In the last 12+ years we have spoken with over 400 companies in North America, Europe and Asia and have never come across any technology like Clevor.
  • Easy to implement and easy to adapt to changes: Delays? Absenteeism? Just got lots of new work? No problem. Update the project details, hit “Optimize,” and Clevor crunches through tens of thousands of different execution scenarios to find the best one.

Our customers' results

  • Our customers have improved their non-material costs and project duration by 15% to 25%, every single time.
  • We work with contractors, fabricators, make-to-order manufacturers, and engineering firms. Our customers use us for single projects and multiple projects with shared resources.
  • All the projects that have used Clevor have been completed ahead of schedule and below budget. Naturally, once a customer has used us on one of their projects, they have used us on all their future fixed price projects!
  • We are proud of our long term relationships with our customers.
Some of our customers!

“Clevor optimizing was crucial to [our] success.”
Lonnie Gieni, Senior Planner at AMEC, Canada