We save you up to 25% of your non-material project costs

Clevor works with contractors, engineering firms, and manufacturers. Our customers want to improve their productivity to reduce their cost and project duration. We offer a project optimization technology that increases your profits and makes project management smooth and efficient. Our customers have already realized savings of up to 25% on their non-material costs. Call us for a free consultation, at (306) 955-5722!



“(A mechanical contractor for AMEC was) about six weeks behind… I introduced them to Clevor… the contract was fulfilled on time but could have been accomplished two and a half to three months sooner if they had not run into owner supplied material delays and restricted work areas.”  

  Lonnie Gieni, Senior Planner at AMEC.  Read more.


“Optimization at Cameco’s Cigar Lake Water Treatment Process Facilities… was instrumental in our efforts to reduce our planned duration from 12 months to 9 months.”  

  William Hughes, Senior Project Manager at Graham Construction.  Read more..

Picture1“What I saw with Clevor was very different…. work order is delivered electronically to the project every day… supervisor has the task completed, inputs the time and sends the work order back to Clevor to be uploaded into the schedule… safety instructions and QA instructions can be included in these work orders.”

   Mike Campbell, Project Manager at TESC Contracting Saskatchewan Ltd.  Read more.

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