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Clevor Project/Production Optimizer

Clevor is able to help its customer achieve up to 25% reduction in their non-material costs and project duration by helping them improve the utilization of people and equipment deployed.  It does this by recommending the best resource profile and their task assignments. Clevor exploits the fact that every project can be executed using different resource profile and task assignment strategies, each one of which will get the project done but will yield different results in terms of the cost and project duration. In case of larger projects, there can be millions of alternative strategies and only one of them will be the best one, called the optimized execution strategy.

Evaluating tens of thousands of alternative execution strategies

Clevor finds this best strategy by evaluating tens of thousands of alternative strategies using an intelligent sampling system, and a very rapid and automatic evaluation system which is proprietary to Clevor. The process is repeated regularly as the project is executed to take into account any deviations from the plan to provide the new optimized execution strategy. This is a huge improvement over the traditional tools available to the project managers. Whereas the traditional tools focus on dealing with the facts and some analysis, Clevor focuses on analysis to provide decision recommendations. This is why once a customer has used our technology, they have used us for all their future projects.

From “on schedule on budget” to “ahead of schedule, below budget”

Before they get to know us, our customers aspire to complete their projects “on schedule and on budget”. We have helped them move beyond to a much more lucrative  objective of getting their projects done “Ahead of schedule, below budget”. The primary tools we use for this is Clevor Project / Production Optimizer  which is tightly integrated with both MS Project and Primavera.

License or Service Bureau

Clevor’s capabilities can be accessed as a product (technology license) or as a service (our consultants engaged in your project while using our technology).  In either case, the primary advantage we offer is the ability to intelligently sample and evaluate tens of thousands of scheduling scenarios within hours to recommend the best one using our proprietary and patent pending technology.  And, because nothing gets done exactly according to the plan due to unforeseen events, the process is repeated regularly in order to deal with the updated situation.  If the situation calls for it, such as a plant shut down that will involve daily changes in project scope, we will re-optimize the schedule daily.

Easier implementation and risk reduction with work orders

The end result is an optimized schedule that is fully executable with resource deployments and task assignments that streamline your operations to improve the productivity of your resources to get your work done faster and at lower cost.  Because all of the information is stored in standard scheduling software, our customers are easily transferring the information into work orders for their workers and equipment as is common practice for the manufacturing industry. This helps project supervisors coordinate their workers faster and gives their workers a more structured and orderly workplace.  Our customers are also attaching QA and Safety instructions to these work orders to help ensure tasks are inspected properly and to remind the workers of the safe working practice for each individual task. This reduces the risk.